Nurturing & Developing Young Talent

2020 Timetable

We are temporaily not accepting any new trials, due to the uncertainty of a potential school closure due to the Covid19 Virus.
Please check back soon for updates. 

Please see below the timetable on this page for important registration details. 

Please note: 
Some classes have already reached capacity in our first stage of registration from existing 2019 customers,
if you have missed out on a class you would like please contact us at [email protected]studio.com.au
We are currently looking onto offering more classes on different days.
We can also put children on waiting lists and contact you once a spot becomes available.

Preschoolers please register via the 2-5 years page

If you cannot view a class on the schedule when registering please change the date at the top of the page to the next week, to view all days and classes

We take great pride in offering 10 grades for children from 5-18 years of age allowing us to specifically cater to each stage of development. Our preschool LiTTLiES department has many classes available over two levels for children from 2-5 years of age.

- Classes are based on your child's year at school in 2020.

- Registration is for one calendar year.

- 2020 Registrations open on January 2nd and close on July 11th.

- We are classes are about quality over quantity and class sizes are limited, once a class is full a child's name can be placed on our waitlist and you will be contacted once a space opens up. 

- Please do not register for a class if you intend on withdrawing for a winter sport.

- Acrobatics classes in 2020 will be a skills based class, class time will be spent working on the development of furthering skills, tumbling, strength, stability, flexibility and limbering. We will not spend class time creating a concert routine, a date will be set in mid term 3 where students will attend an extra rehearsal to learn their concert routine from a team of choreographers. This will allow students to have a full calendar year of training and progress.

- Our show group classes are via invitation, Show Groups is a small select number of children who perform at events throughout the year. We create shows that are specific to the events that we book, usually our show is modern, commercial and has a strong emphasis on performance and entertainment. Students selected will have strong dance ability, style, a great work ethic towards all classes and most of all strong performance quality;  we will look at children in class in the first 1-2 weeks of term one and will send out invitations for commencement in week 3. To be eligible students must attend a minimum of three C5 classes, one being Jazz and the second being Ballet, the third class is of your choice. There may be opportunities throughout the year to invite additional children to join show group or be a part of bigger events.

- Advanced stretch and kicks turn leaps are not concert classes and do not require a costume to be purchased.

- Classical Ballet students wishing to sit their exam must also attend Saturday Ballet/Lyrical in order to receive the training and hours required for an exam. It is not compulsory that Classical Ballet students sit exams. Our current students will be sitting their next Ballet exams in May, after this time we progress to the next grade (please note, their timetable will not change). 

Please register your child based on their school year and if necessary we will move them accordingly and contact you.

*If you your child is joining us already having completed exams please contact us with the details of their last exam and current grade of training so we can assist you.

Our classical ballet classes main focus is to teach children the beauty, discipline, technique and artistry of classical Ballet through a syllabus of exercises and classical dances that can then have children sitting an exam or demonstration. This class is a training and technique class and does not come with a concert routine, but if you wish for your child to be a part of a classical ballet concert production routine there will be an opportunity for all classical ballet students to learn a routine in additional concert rehearsals in term 4.

- Timetable subject to change.