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A Big, Bold & Brave change is coming to C5. As we move into our NEXT CHAPTER the time has come to make a change.

As we continue to evolve it is essential to the C5 team that we have a school, community and work place that we love and that is a true representation of our training, care, values, quality and love for the performing arts.

The size of a school is not what we value as important, as a private business we are in the fortunate position to build the school of our dreams so with that as we move into the future, C5 will be transitioning to a school that is via application and interview for years K and above. This is not about becoming a school of only elite students, this is to protect our values, community and care for quality. Placement will not be solely focused on the applying child but their family as well.

Our vision is to have a school where the following values are supported, respected and adhered to with like minded families;

- students who are committed

- students who want to try their best in all classes

- students who respect our teachers and fellow students

- students who take on direction and want to learn and improve

- families that respect our rules, especially parking, road rules and respecting our neighbours

- families that support, respect and trust our faculty

- families that value our school
- families that stay up to date with information 

- students and families who want to be with us for what we do and not just about doing an activity with friends

C5 will not be about only accepting and training advanced children, we believe in training our students up. We want to work with children who are eager to be with us and are hungry to improve. We want families who value our service and want to join us in protecting what is special for their children and being a part of our community. We will not tolerate any form of rudeness and will protect our values, code of conduct and rules.

There are limited spots in each grade as many enrolments roll over from the previous year. But if you are passionate about wanting to dance and learn, and you want to be a part of a school that is more than dancing with a wonderful culture, experiences that become memories to last a lifetime, and consistent quality lessons then please check back soon  for an application form and prospectus.

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