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Hello, I am Miss Georgia and I am your go to girl for everything related to our Preschool Department at C5!

Our C5 LiTTLiES preschool department was created solely for our youngest students at the school aged between 18 months - 5 yrs, where our students are nurtured and cared for from the moment they come in for their very first lesson.

Our dedicated and talented team of teachers are here to provide a wonderful and safe learning experience for every student that begins their dance journey with us, creating a space for them to become independent, find their confidence and grow as little human beings, all whilst having so much fun! At C5 LiTTLiES we also take great pride in delivering consistent quality lessons so that each one of our students is getting the most out of every lesson so that they can be on their way to becoming the best dancers they can be.

Throughout the year we have fabulous opportunities for our LiTTLiES to get the chance to shine on stage and build their confidence and performance skills at various shows, such as easter performances, local shopping centres, local events and school fetes. Then at the end of the year we have our annual C5 LiTTLiES Concert which is truly always the highlight of the year where our team and I go above and beyond to create the most incredible day for our students and their families as we celebrate all that our students have achieved with memories that they will cherish forever.

We understand that working with such young children that some students may settle in sooner to their classes then others or some may need another Term for more growth before giving the class another go and we want to ensure families that our team and I will be there every step of the way during your child’s dance journey as each and every students journey is so special and so unique!

We also understand that trusting your child with a stranger can be a daunting task but you can rest at ease knowing that if your child is interested in starting dance at C5 LiTTLiES that they are with one of the best in Sydney.

I am so looking forward to meeting you soon!

Miss Georgia xx

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